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The American Homestead Foods Family Farm Project
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About the

American Homestead Foods Family Farm Project

The American Homestead Foods Family Farm Project has been developed by a family farmer for family farmers. The program has been designed and is operated by a family farmer who has recognized the need to unite family farms and consumers to alter the current course of agriculture.

The need for regional food production becomes more evident with each day as petroleum resources become less available and more expensive. Industrial agriculture depends completely on petroleum resources to produce and distribute the food. Regional food production is less dependent on fossil energy and is less costly to produce and distribute.

Family farmers utilize sustainable methods of production which are more efficient, less harmful to the environment, and less consuming of the soil resources. Industrial agricultural systems have exploited the future capabilities of our soil and our ability as a nation to provide healthful, local food supplies.

We know that the future of safe food lies in the hands of family farmers. As a consumer, you can assure the survival of farming families by seeking out local supplies of fresh vegetables and fruits, meats, nuts, grains, and fiber products. Do you part in preserving rural America. Buy your food from a family farm and buy dry goods from a locally owned business.



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* An American Homestead Family Farm is a farm whose principle operator is a resident of the farm and from which a portion of the farm income is derived from sales directly to consumers.


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